I have been asked by a few readers, "Why did God punish Elle?"
My answer: He did not.

In the bible Jesus says, "In this world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world." I agree that this is not one of the easiest passages to wrap your arms around. Earth is not a hallmark story waiting to happen and yes, bad things happens. What God did promise is that He will rescue us and He did. But most (including me) wish that the whole saving part included a bank account with far more money than I could ever spend, a nice car, health insurance, a steady paycheck without the hassle of going to work, and family and friends who were consistently nice. Not like me - the king of unpredictablity.

In the Book of Elle, Elle makes choices and makes mistakes. Satan being who he is, preys upon to weak and helpless. Without God, this would be a lethal combination but His love for us, faith, and prayer have a way of changing the daily battle. And ultimatley, His plan never fails which includes bringing us into a solid relationship with him now so that we can live with him forever.

Ok, so I skipped past the suffering part. Yes, Elle suffers and no God did not punish her. One could say that He uses our poor choices and turns them around for our benefit. Despite our biggest mistakes, He is still interested in restoring us. Being burned alive was definitely not on Elle's wish list and neither was it God's intention but I like to think that He understands the ramifications of our personalities and choices far beyond what we could ever understand.