Remember Matthew 25: 14 - 30 ?

This parable bothered me quite a bit. As far as I know, it says, "I gave you a gift. Use it."

So I set my Bible down and began writing "Sunny Days, the Story of a Digital Soul".

Writing had always been something that I had enjoyed but there was always tomorrow. And for some reason, tomorrow never came and I found myself with this bible in my lap wondering how could I say 'no' when Jesus never did.  

I am a technology professional with a love for our Father. 


Is there life on other planets?

And if so, do they know God?


These are the kinds of questions that roll around my head. I write for my love of God, I believe in the adventure of life and have woven my dreams and questions into these novels. I hope that you find yourself closer to God at the end of each.

Peace, Stephen